The Beautiful pink clinic previously situated on Berri street is now
located at 8560 St-Hubert street at the corner of Crémazie boulevard.
Welcome to the Morgentaler clinic

The Montreal Morgentaler Clinic offers abortion services, curettage (for miscarriages and stopped pregnancies) and contraception services.

We provide a calm and respectful environment for all the women who need our services and their support-person. Our experienced all-women team of doctors, nurses and assistants speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Hindi.

Services offered are fully covered with a valid Quebec Medicare card. Please call us if you do not have a valid Quebec Medicare card to inquire about fees.

The Montreal Morgentaler Clinic is a member of the National Abortion Federation and maintains a high standard of quality care.

Our Clinic

  • All-women team
  • Abortion and contraception services since 1968
  • Curettage for stopped pregnancies
  • Calm and respectful environment
  • English, Francais, Español, Italiano, Hindi spoken

Our Story

The Montreal Morgentaler Clinic was founded by Dr. Henry Morgentaler. As an activist who worked with many Canadian humanist associations, he protested Canada’s restrictive abortion laws. He performed abortions at his clinic for family medicine for many years, both before and after the law was changed in 1969 (when women could only have abortions in hospitals after being accepted by a three member abortion committee). He continued to fight hard for Canadian women’s right to have access to abortion without restrictive conditions, and in 1988 the abortion law was struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada, allowing women the right to choose for themselves.

In 1968, he opened the Morgentaler Clinic in Montreal, providing safe and confidential abortion and contraception services.

Dr. Morgentaler was a pioneer of abortion rights and provision. The clinic is now run by a team of medical professionals that have been with us for many years. We have continued Dr. Morgentaler’s legacy by successfully fighting for free and accessible services, and for the right to have no-protest zones around abortion clinics in Quebec.

Trans and non-binary realities

Our team recognizes that trans and non-binary people need access to abortion and contraception services just as much as cisgender women. While we are aware that our services and materials may not be fully suited to trans and non-binary realities, we are keen to meet your needs to the best of our ability. We invite you to send us any comments regarding your experience at our clinic.

Black Lives Matter

Racial injustice is real.

Montreal’s Morgentaler Clinic stands with black and indigenous communities. We strongly condemn racism, the discrimination and the violence perpetrated systemically against people of color. In cities and towns, big and small, people are protesting.

We cannot remain silent.

We stand united with you and are committed to listening and to learning more about racial injustice. We pledge to examine our personal and systemic biases toward persons of color in order to provide the best possible reproductive services for every person.